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Tree Replacement in Pinellas County

Why Tree Replacement?

Tree replacement for even one tree can have tremendous influences on our communities. Tree planting improves our environment. Trees produce oxygen and filter sunlight over plants that cant tolerate or withstand full sunlight. Planting a tree can add to our incomes and decrease energy costs as large shade trees that cover homes decrease your energy bill. Planting a tree can also enhance our quality of life and improve our health, as trees clean our air. I can’t think of many things that touch us so completely as does planting a tree. My point is, we need trees to be planted!

One thing to make sure to remember, is to have young trees structurally pruned so they don’t become a safety hazard to you or your home in the future.

If you remove a tree… plant one in its place, or two! One idea, is to plant a tree when you have a new baby or even small child so you can watch the tree grow together.

Most Cities including Pinellas County do require a tree to be replaced. You can find this information on your tree permit. Sometimes they do not require a replacement tree. Below is a list of guide lines for most of the cities in Pinellas County.

Tree Replacement in Pinellas County

Tree Replacement Guide Lines For Your City:

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