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Generally speaking, obtaining a tree permit is an easy process. Therefore, don’t get fooled and let someone tell you that you don’t need one. To point out, there are fines in certain cities and in Pinellas County. Below is a video from Pinellas County about tree permits if your in the County limits.

Do You Need A Tree Removal Permit In Pinellas County?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes and every city within it has different regulations on tree permits. Furthermore, some cities within Pinellas County don’t require permits for certain species of trees. Of course, if you have any questions in regards to applying for a tree removal permit or just don’t understand the process, please don’t hesitate to call. However, below are a list of links to each city and Pinellas County that can start the removal process.

Furthermore,  you can click on the City or County that you would like to apply for a permit:

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