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Expert Stump Removal Service in Pinellas County |A Stump Grinding Company

Happy’s Tree Service is located in Clearwater fl. and offers stump grinding or stump removal in all of Pinellas County. Stump grinding is the most affordable method to handle unwanted stumps. Our stump grinding service consists of grinding the stump 6” below grade level. To let grass grow, this is the best method we recommend. This works great for small flowerbeds or work that does not require deep space. Tree stump roots can grow several feet below grade level, which is why a 6” stump grinding is the most practical method to go with.

Grinding exposed root flares is the most common stump grinding service performed in the Pinellas County area.  We also offer deep stump removal to our 6” stump grinding services. Customers that want to plant new trees should use this service.

Stump Removal Service In Tampa FL

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A steel wheel approximately 30” in diameter with attached carbide tipped teeth, resembling fingers, spins at 2,000 rpm. It’s lowered down into the front of the stump to the desired depth below ground level, then it is worked from side to side. When finished nothing is left but a pile of chips.

Stump Grinding Company In Tampa FL

Stump Grinding Equipment

Using proper equipment, allows us to do your job right the first time. Our machines fit through standard 36” inch backyard gates making it easy to get to tree stumps in the backyard. After we grind the stump, we will level the ground. For deep stump removal, we backfill the hole for safety reasons. If you have a wood built home, unless treated, we recommend not using any mulch, for this reason, we would just haul of the stump removal shavings.

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Happy’s Tree Service is located in Clearwater fl and provides service to all of Pinellas County since “1989” Our company offers many other services. These can be found by clicking on our SERVICE TABS above.