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Lightning Protection Safety  More than one million trees in the United States are struck by lightning every year. Lightning protection is to protect your trees from dangerous lightning storms. Risk of lightning damage is even more prevalent here in Pinellas County Florida. We are the capital Lightning state of the world and protection of your trees near your home can help.

Lightning can swiftly kill trees or deteriorate them so drastically that they are then assaulted and killed by insects. In many instances, lightning damaged trees should be removed as a result of the heat and power from the lightning’s electrical charge. Additionally, lightning not only poses a risk to trees, but also to adjacent buildings or homes. When lightning strikes a tree, the tree could side-flash or jump to more conductive materials such as medal drain pipes on surrounding buildings. Homes with nearby trees that are taller than the roof are particularly at risk of side-flashes.

Happy’s Tree Service offers lightning protection services that minimize the risk of damage from lightning strikes. Our tree experts have a stellar track record of protecting trees, the structures surrounding them, and most importantly, the people aiming to live in harmony with their environments.

Lightning protection systems should be maintained annually to ensure their stability. Happy’s Tree Service provides installation and regular inspection services of Lightning Protection services in Pinellas County.

Speaking of Lightning in the Tampa Bay Area… GO BOLTS!

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